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Jacobs Levy Equity Management is widely recognized as a leading provider of quantitative equity strategies for institutional clients. Building on the pioneering research of founders Bruce Jacobs and Ken Levy, the firm focuses on detecting profit opportunities in U.S. equities and exploiting them through risk-managed portfolios engineered with the objective of providing consistent value-added performance. Jacobs Levy manages assets for a prestigious global roster of corporate defined benefit and defined contribution plans, public retirement systems, sub-advised funds, and endowments/foundations, including many of Pensions & Investments’ “Top 200 Pension Funds/Sponsors.”

Forthcoming Article: “Smart Beta versus Smart Alpha,” by Bruce I. Jacobs and Kenneth N. Levy, Journal of Portfolio Management, forthcoming Summer 2014. article

Smart beta strategies aim to outperform the capitalization-weighted market through relatively simple alternative weighting methods that emphasize a handful of factors such as size, value, momentum, or low volatility. Though similar in some respects to passive index investing, smart beta strategies are the product of active choices and should be compared with proprietary active multifactor investment strategies (“smart alpha”). Smart beta strategies exploit fewer return opportunities, tend to be more static, and have less control of risk exposures. Furthermore, because of their reliance on a small number of factors, smart beta strategies can run into liquidity and overcrowding problems that can adversely impact their performance. Smart alpha may be the smarter choice.
In Honor of Our 25th Anniversary:
We Thank Our Clients (Pensions & Investments, September 19, 2011)

Bruce Jacobs and Ken Levy Establish a Center for Financial Research and Prize for Innovation (Wall Street Journal, September 7, 2011)

Calculating the Impact of the New Quant Finance Center (Wharton Magazine, Fall 2011)

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